Strange Requests

Every shopkeeper will have a collection of strange requests that they can recall. Many produce books about customer requests and comments when they retire, but I don’t think I will ever write a book. So, I have decided to blog about a few. I will give you a few past ones to get you in the mood, but will keep you updated as it is a constant form of amusement for us.

Comments –

From a guy in a denim shirt and jeans: “that shop is stuck in the 70’s!”

From a shoplifter: “I can’t help it – I just like taking things.”

From a tourist: “do you sell tea towels with Australia on?”

From another tourist: “where is my hotel?”

And, what has to be my personal favourite: “when is your Dad in next?”

As we are at the end of the street, we have constant requests for use of the toilet, directions to The Shambles, litter disposal, dog parking, change for the car park, taxi and bus information, etc. We try to meet all these requests, but we also have some odd ones.

One tour guide was aware that we allow people to use the toilet, but Jonah had a bit of a panic  when thirty Germans created a queue through the shop to the toilet, especially as you need to leave five minutes between flushes.

A man once asked where I bought the fake eggs in my Easter window, as the kids keep eating the chocolate ones.

A man told us that he had never seen a button back chair below £350, then asked for discount off ours which was priced at £190.

We have also been used as a place of rest and recuperation for the generally lethargic, exhausted elderly needing a chair, pregnant ladies needing to lie down, a space in which to pray to Allah or just a waiting room to one lady who stayed for three hours (I think she may have been waiting in the wrong place). We have provided safety pins for graduation robes, string for a beltless man who was losing his trousers, Sellotape for map repair and we swap working marker pens for empty ones on a regular basis to indulge one individual.

What can I say? We always aim to please, but we may write about you, so be warned!

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