Jonah’s Becoming Famous

Many people will know that Jonah has been writing a novel for twenty years. He’s slow at most things, but this is his longest awaited accomplishment. He has now imposed a deadline on himself for its completion, which he has foolishly voiced to people; so he has a week!

I’ll let you know when it’s published.

But, in the meantime, he has written lots of short stories and has been successful in competitions. However, he has unexpectedly been published by The Express and Star newspaper, which is the daily paper in his hometown of Wolverhampton (now you know why he talks funny). Jonah and his friend Mike have created a weekly serial about the life of people in the fictional village of Leeford. They have a really interesting format for this which involves their taking turns to write the next episode without any forward planning or awareness of what the other person is going to write. This started as entertainment for themselves, but gained the interest of the newspaper. It is published on a fortnightly basis on a Monday.  Mike begins with an introduction to the village and Jonah takes over in week two

There was an article about them in the paper, to kick off the serial:

Jonah uses the name Jon Markes, as a pen name, to avoid over-excited fans finding him.  But, you know where he is and he would love for you to mention it.

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