Christmas is Coming

Well it is Monday again and the deliveries keep coming. It’s great fun ordering stuff, but not trying to find space in the shop when it arrives. I think you could say that we are full to capacity at the present time, but the Christmas decorations have started to arrive and have to be stored at home until November.  All four of us spend Halloween creating a Christmas window and a general overload of Christmas in the shop.  I have to start to plan this, but really can’t think how it is all going to fit in this year. We also had fun buying at the Christmas Fair last January. Jonah stopped me when it got to a group of life-size reindeer singing ‘ Fairy Tale of New York’  by the Pogues, but they were really cool reindeer.

We ordered lots of tree ornaments that I have thought of making into Christmas garlands, or giving customers the choice of ornaments and making them up into garlands for them. Thoughts on this would be gratefully received. I am also making garlands and stockings from scratch as I always do and I am currently working on scruffy snowmen and spotty Christmas trees for the garlands.

Annie wants to have an evening launch of the Christmas decorations, but I am not sure that people want to come out to eat yet another mince pie and buy Christmas goods. We may only be able to let two customers in at a time throughout November and December as the floor space is becoming less and less as stock continues to arrive.

I am also pleased to announce that Fairy Pigs are back this year by popular demand; who can live without a fairy pig !

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