Wedding Flowers

Our nephew, Joe, got married last weekend. Annie, my sister Lyn and I were really excited to be doing the flowers for this special day, which took place in a barn. We took some flower arranging classes last year, with Jo Keely, so that we could do the flowers for Annie and Matthew’s wedding which was also in a barn.

Then, Annie and I loved that her friends, Luke and Claire, let us do the flowers for their wedding in Clitheroe, in a beautiful setting.

We asked Joe, who is a games artist, what style we were going for. He came up with something about constructivist, which we don’t really understand so decided to go with ‘autumnal woodland’ (we made that up), then we got carried away and just went wild with flowers. Lyn grew so many flowers on her allotment, she managed to keep them all flowering just at the right time. We had constructed four large hoops like very large wreaths. We saw this idea on Pinterest, but had difficulty in working out how to make the hoops for the foliage etc., to go into. We did this by forming moss around hula hoops held in place with chicken wire. It was quite a challenge to hang them from the rafters of the barn, many of us were involved with Joe as technical director.  We also found several containers, apple baskets, stoneware jars and baskets at car boot sales and we filled the windows and the beams with flowers. They actually held the ceremony in a pagoda in the woods, guests followed a trail of lanterns to the pagoda which we also decorated with flowers. It took us two very long days, but it was a beautiful, sunny day, the bride looked lovely and everyone had a lovely time.

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