I have a shed!

Since Annie’s renewed interest in the business, she has also looked at the working conditions for staff. As I am the only member of staff (she and Jonah are management), that means me. She has decided that I should not have to work in a confined space, on the floor of the conservatory-cum-dining room, in the thoroughfare of the dog and cat – I need a workspace!

Management has put their heads together and decided to move me to the top of the garden in a shed. But they soon realised that without light for late-night working and electric for the sewing machine, I could become less productive. They sought advice from our master of all things technical and practical and in fact logical, MATTHEW, Annie’s husband. He advised that I could be moved into the lean-to shed on the side of the house, where there is already a power supply. Mathew has built another shed for stock and furniture to be worked on. He has added power points to the side shed, so that I can now have six sewing machines and an iron. But, best of all, a light fitting so powerful that we keep the door shut to stop jets landing in the garden and I can work through the night.

I am grateful. I love my shed. I have all my things in it. I am making it pretty. Jonah painted the walls white for me, he even gave me a faded rug (ex-stock). I put up shelves and a hook for making macramé. There is even a hole in the door big enough for the cat to get through to escape swooping crows that she has wound up and  large enough for the dog to push her nose through when she requires my attention. They let me have a radio and Mathew put a telly in for me. I am not allowed to watch daytime TV and can only have it on after 7pm when I am on a night shift. But, having got over the initial excitement, I have realised that Mathew has been married to our daughter for just over a year and he has managed to move his mother-in-law into the shed! Don’t be too sad for me. They let me out on Sundays to make custard. Mathew loves custard.

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