Annie’s back!

Annie, our daughter, started our little shop seven years ago, last July. Since then, she has been a teacher and then not a teacher. Jonah (alias Mark) and I have plodded on with the business, enjoying ourselves, buying, making and selling a few things to passers-by on their way in and out of York, parking their carriages by the old Monk Bar, or even walking in for to purchase their weekly wares.

But she’s back with a vengeance, she has arrived to wake us up from our slumber and introduce us to the INTERNET. Jonah has dabbled with this in the past. He tries hard; he has listened to the podcasts, paid large sums of money to a virtual person and received instructions from online guides. But, this is not good enough! Apparently, we should be reaching persons that we may never meet, through Social Media, Marketingand other concepts that fail to move me. When we do all of these things we will sell our wares to people all over the country and we will get to stand in the Post Office queue every day of our lives.

All of this, despite my resistance, involves me talking to who knows who. But, as I am the hub of this business, because I do all of the work, I have to tell people what I am making, buying and even what I am having for lunch – with pictures!

I am not allowed to do this unvetted. Annie will check the content of my blog and Jonah, master of all things written, will check my spelling and grammar. It will then be sent into oblivion and they will leave me alone to sew.

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