Jewellery Making

We have used various jewellery makers over the years;Gama has definitely been the favourite to date, but we really feel the need for something new. Having failed to find a reasonably priced and different range of jewellery, I decided that I would have a go at making some jewellery myself.

I looked at silvermaking courses, but realised that this would lead to quite costly jewellery, so,instead,I took a workshop in wiring jewellery. I went along on Sunday, to ‘Bead’ in Harrogate, Thelovely ladies gave me the basics to wiring jewellery and the shop hasa great variety of lovely beads. I came away very excited about makinga range of earrings, which I have started over the last week and are now in the shop. So, come and have a look and see what you think. I have plans to play with some necklace ideas next.

I also have to mention No.35 ( where I met my lovely friend Dawn for lunch after the workshop. We had great bagels and cake(and I didn’t think I liked bagels!)

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