A Gift From God

Having spent a really annoying seven and a half years tripping over cables, struggling under the counter to find things and cricking our necks looking under a shelf at the lap top, we decided that the counter might be problematic. So, I decided to design and build a new bespoke counter to meet all of our needs. Annie and Jonah quickly decided that I could not be left to this task and enlisted the expert, Matthew. Did you know that the meaning of Matthew is “a gift from God”? 

Matthew looked at my infantile drawing and came up with a detailed plan and a list of wood needed. I was sent to the timber yard, which was a lovely experience; the man at Howarth timber was not only helpful and patient, but he was also an Elvis impersonator – what more can you ask for? I painted and stained wood to my heart’s content awaiting further instruction. Matthew arrived with an array of tools. I donned my lumberjack shirt and fully charged my drill. Matthew humoured me, by allowing me to drill holes on the pencil crosses, but I let myself down and broke the drill bit within five minutes. I was demoted to providing refreshments. 

Mathew not only built a beautiful counter, with a cable trough, but he made sure that it came into pieces that fit in the car – now who would have thought of that? It’s so strong, because he has witnessed me standing on the old one, that I have decided to take cover under it in the event of nuclear attack.  

The counter is now in position, and I am spending a very happy first day behind it. I am typing this blog with a straight neck on a chair that doesn’t have a cable stuck in its wheels. Matthew really is a gift from God!  P.S. he also fixed the shower at home and fitted a new plug socket in the shop. 

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