Buried in Christmas

Well, we brought in all of the Christmas decorations for Halloween. Slightly strange, we know, but we get them in for the first of November, pushed by the bigger stores to start Christmas at this ridiculous time. 

We had to decorate the window around our ghost “Augustine”, who been part of the ghost hunt around York. He was rather sweet, but there were some very spectacular ones which were auctioned on eBay, raising £5,000 for charities. As the hunt didn’t finish until the 1st November, he had to remain in the Christmas window.  Annie and I worked in the window with families gathering to get the name of the ghost. Some were taking photos, that I am sure were of the ghost and not our backsides.

We worked until midnight bringing in the decorations, three car loads including a small green dresser which Jonah has painted in a Christmas green. This took three days; it didn’t want to be painted and is still trying to shed its coat. After Christmas, it is going to become a distressed dresser as it has caused Jonah much distress.

So, we are now buried in Christmas. There is not an inch in the shop which is not taken up by some form of decoration – as customers move something a snowman jumps into its place. We have all said that it feels like working in a different shop – people are walking by commenting on “the Christmas shop”. I feel like running out and shouting “no, there’s other stuff too, you just need to search!”

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